It's all about the poodle, really

Here at Dreaming London we create playful clothes for girls who want to feel good.
Tired of hearing the horror stories of fast fashion, we decided to be the change we want to see in the fashion industry and created an ethical company that doesn't compromise on cuteness. Everything is designed and made us, including exclusive fabrics you won't see anywhere else. All our fabrics and trims are sourced in the UK. We produce everything in-house either to order or in limited edition batches that are unique to us and keep pushing ourselves to make you something you'll adore. So if you want it, go get it girl!
We are a two part team (and one fluffy poodle) based in Hackney, East London and that's where all the magic happens.
Rosie is the designer. She keeps usability in mind as she tries to ramp up the cuteness to create well fitting clothes that are worth the investment because you'll want to wear them again and again. She is also primarily the person who will sew up your clothes. Self-taught but now with 7 years of experience, nothing makes her more happy than when people connect with the things she has made.
Sam is our master pattern cutter, resident customer service advisor, postman and generally helps out with everything! He only talks in Simpsons quotes and lives on chocolate bars.
And last but not least, Winston, the 18 month old labradoodle. He is the Chief Supervisor of Happiness at Dreaming HQ. He occasionally gets us free coffee with just the wag of his tail!
In the future we would love to create more varied collections working with collaborators and factories for ethical small runs of designs, including things that we cannot produce ourselves like cute cardis or that perfect sweater. (We only want to do this when we know we can do it to our high standards.)
Until then, follow our journey on Instagram ( working toward a cuter, more sustainable future!