Dreaming Studio: An alternative to fast fashion


Here at Dreaming HQ we aim to be as transparent as possible with all of our practices.

We make our products to order or in small batches to minimise waste, and the cut offs get sent to a textile recycling centre to be used again for rags.

We keep our studio clean and well lit so it functions best. We give ourselves frequent breaks when working on the machines to keep our eyes and posture tip-top! This enables us to focus on creating the best possible garments for you lot!

We guarantee all workers are paid a living wage.

Where we can we purchase deadstock fabric or fabrics made from recycled textiles. All fabrics are sourced in the UK.  We are continuously striving to be better with this as our company grows.

We are looking into more sustainable mailing options and will be making this change by the end of 2021.